Hello everyone,

Once again I’d love to thank each and every one of you for being a player in my D&D games. The stories were wonderful and I’m truly thankful to all of you for bringing your character(s) to life in Arda. I hope you enjoyed the experience.

Looking forward, I still have many things planned for Arda and for my D&D career. I’ve created new characters for all of your PCs based on what happened to them over the course of their lives. All the stats are finalized. I just need to fill in the story. I’ll also be posting some Wiki pages about some of the major events that happen during our character’s lifetimes to keep you interested.

If there is anything else that you want from me to provide you with in terms of story context, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Your Omnipotent Overlord,
Charles of the House Hinz
Third of His Name
Heir to the Drive of Walnut
Former Technician to the Chemically Dependent
Former Teacher of the Religiously Uneducated
Direct Services Counselor to those of disabled condition
Student of Pastoral Counseling
Master of the Game
Lord of Arda and the Universe beyond

From the Ashes: The Future of Arda

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