The Vanyar Empire

Founded in the year -10 BR

Government Structure

Feudal Monarchy

The Imperial Sovereign is the eldest child derived from the Grandison Family line

Current Sovereign: Emperor Jozan Grandison

Capital: The Floating City of Menros

Sigil: A gold dragon on a purple background

Time and Seasons

Day and Night: 12 hours of each


  • 12 months in 1 year
  • 30 days in 1 month
  • 10 days in 1 week
  • 5 Feastdays commemorate the seasons and serve as days of rest every few months
  • Order of the Calendar
    Greengrass Festival
    June (Summer Solstice 6/20)
    Midsummer Festival
    September (Fall Equinox 9/21)
    Feast of the Moon Festival
    December (Winter Solstice 12/20)
    Midwinter Festival
    March (Spring Equinox 3/19)

Timeline: The AnorĂ­an Timeline

  • Point Zero: The Reckoning
  • All events following the Reckoning are referred to on the timeline as AR
  • All events preceding the Reckoning are referred to on the timeline as BR

Coin and Commerce


  • Bronze Shield = $.10
  • Silver Crown = $1
  • Gold Dragon = $10
  • Platinum Star = $100


  • Standard fare – 1 silver/day
  • People generally work from sunrise to sunset with periodic breaks
  • Most people work every day unless there is a holiday/festival. Some nobility use the tenth day as a day of rest
  • Slavery is illegal while indentured servitude and serfdom are relatively common in various regions of the Empire


Travel via the river or sea is the easiest and cheapest

Air travel’s uncommon save for messengers and military

Wayfarers common in Essembra and regional capitals but are the most expensive means of travel

Travelling on foot or on the road’s the most common mode of travel

  • Roads are generally a well-packed dirt road with the exception of the major roads that go across the Empire and cities
  • Better to travel alone but there’s always dangers on the road that people need to be aware of

Almost every inn/tavern has mounts/beast of burden that can be purchased

The Vanyar Empire

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