Questions to help better flesh out your Characters

What is your character’s moral code?

What are your character’s likes and dislikes?

Who does your character look up to? If there isn’t anyone your character looks up to right now, was there someone in their past?

If your character could have any one law passed, what would it be?

Has your character had sex? Will your character have sex?

Dreams. How often does your character remember then? In color? Lucid? Are there common themes? Do the same or similar dreams repeat?

Why does your character have the name that he or she does?

Is there anything your character regrets doing/not doing?

What would your character do if he/she suddenly became independently wealthy?

Who was the great love of your character’s life?

What is your character’s greatest accomplishment?

What is your character’s greatest failure?

What are your character’s religious beliefs?

What offer would be irresistible enough for your character to betray his friends?

Where was your character born?

What is your character’s greatest fear?

Being trapped:

  • What does your character feel trapped by?
  • How does your character react to being trapped?
  • What does your character fear being trapped by?


  • What’s the furthest west, east, north, and south in Arda your character has been? No details necessary, just rough geographic locations.
  • What is the most exotic place your character has been?
  • If your character could go anywhere in the world, where would he go? Why?


  • Who were your characters parents?
  • What does your character remember most about his parents?
  • Which parent does your character feel closer to, his mother or father?

The Future:

  • What are your character’s short term goals?
  • What are your character’s long term goals?
  • Where does your character picture them 20 years from now?

Does your character have any titles or nicknames? Did your character have any nicknames as a child?

Why do you adventure – why have you chosen to risk your life as a career choice?

What (if anything) would make you stop adventuring? (i.e., death of a loved one, physical mutilation, enough money to retire on, marriage, etc?)

What are your political beliefs? (i.e., do you prefer democracy, monarchy, rule of the aristocracy, communism, anarchy, etc?)

Who is your patron deity? Are you a devout worshipper? How often do you attend services or make sacrifices?

Are you an extremely loyal member of any nonreligious cause? (i.e. a loyal servant of an exalt, devoted member of a guild or order, etc.?)

Is there any race, creed, alignment, religion or the like against which you are strongly prejudiced? Why?

What is one task you would absolutely refuse to do? (i.e. kill a baby, admit you were wrong, commit adultery, etc?)

Is there anything you cannot do? (i.e. get close to people, handle money well, etc?)

What is your greatest strength? (i.e. honest, loyal, brave?)

What is your greatest shortcoming? (i.e. cowardly, drinks too much, lies?)

What are your hobbies (collecting, jam sessions in a bar, dining out, etc) when you’re not adventuring or training in your class skills? What would you do if you woke up with insomnia and had to find something to do all night?

What is your motto or favorite saying?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite food? Your favorite drink? Dessert? A particular cuisine?

What is your favorite animal?

Do you have a best friend (not a child or a lover) whom you’d protect with your reputation or life? Who? Why?

What type of person would be your ideal mate?

What habits of your friends annoy you most?

What would you like to be remembered for after your death?

Rate yourself with these traits on a scale of 0 (you barely, or do not, possess this trait) to 10 (you have great amounts of this trait): Calm temper, Cheerfulness, Courtesy, Curiosity, Forgiveness, Generosity, Helpfulness, Honesty, Loyalty, Optimism, Patience, Self-sacrifice, Valor, Wit

Questions to help better flesh out your Characters

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