From the Ashes: The Future of Arda

Valdis: Midsummer

Written a few days after the Midsummer Festival in Maidenpool thirteen years after the Reckoning

The events of the last few weeks have been extremely interesting to say the least. Not only was I back home but I was actually having fun in the process. It was also a really weird experience having Walgrim and I switch our usual demeanor and roles. I’m interested to see if we continue to rub off on each other.

While I had planned to go to the Midsummer Festival to support Walgrim, I was not anticipating the letter I received almost a month before telling me that Walgrim had been robbed of some potentially dangerous alchemical materials to a very beautiful woman (the oldest thief trick in the book). After a few laughs I made my way to Maidenpool and spent the next few weeks helping Walgrim track down his goods and then get revenge against the people that stole from him. By the time I left, the thief had been tracked down, the Mayor was charged with stealing Walgrim’s fireworks and attempting to destroy the city with them, and all of Maidenpool came to see Walgrim as a hero.

The scariest and most interesting part of the journey came about when we were interrogating Callista. Up until this point there has been relatively little tension between the three of us other than minute concern for social protocol. This was the first time we actually had a life that was in our hands and we needed that life to give us information. Working for Illyrio, I’m quite accustomed to various techniques of interrogation that can help make someone’s thoughts easier to penetrate. For obvious reasons, Sylvani was concerned given how brutal my methods appeared, but when I explained my rationale she became more open to my idea. Walgrim on the other hand didn’t question my direction and started to tie Callista up before I had finished telling them to do it. He seemed so bent on getting his equipment back at whatever the cost I actually feared for the woman that he was going to kill her. In the interest of friendship I have been trying to cut back on reading Sylvani and Walgrim’s minds so I can’t say with any certainty what was motivating Walgrim during this period. All I know is that I was scared that I had left a negative impact on the man which hopefully is just me being overly dramatic.

I have no regrets letting Callista go after she gave us the information we needed. She was simply a tool of the mayor; nothing more. As I watched her leave all I could feel was intrigue by her skills. She was too good to be around the Maidenpool area. While Walgrim may absolutely hate it, I hope to see Callista again either on our side or opposite us.

Proving that the Mayor stole Walgrim’s equipment was rather comical and fun. I think that’s the first time in over a decade that the people of Maidenpool have made me laugh. Walgrim’s routine was flawless and I enjoyed the bit of theatricality that I brought to the performance (I still can’t believe that no one has seemed to call me out as the Demon-child of Maidenpool). I’m glad that all the wining and dining with the City Guard payed off in the end. The mayor was a good man, but he feared Walgrim because he was different and to him uncontrollable. I won’t deny that such circumstances flare my anger. Yet for the first time I wasn’t driven to darkness or a loss of control this time. I faced hatred with humor while utilizing my skills to remove the source of hatred (I wonder if this is how Walgrim feels all the time). Thankfully now Walgrim can be given the reputation and credit he deserves as he begins a new chapter in his life both personally and professionally.

Randal’s appearance was also difficult to express. A year ago I’m pretty sure if I saw him I would have killed him or gotten so angry I’d lose control. Instead, I was able to walk away before he could say something stupid enough to drive me into a rage and then laugh it off. Seeing him didn’t bring up pain or darkness, only questions of intrigue into why he was approaching me now and what kind of person he is since I last saw him seven years ago in Crescent Square. He must either be at the end of his time as a squire or a full paladin of Kira now. Whatever the reason, it was clear to me that he is going to try and become a part of my life. I look forward to his efforts.

Overall, the trip was well worth it! I continue to develop and learn about my friends and have started to see how the two of them are helping me become a better person. It definitely makes it more and more difficult to concentrate on my studies. I can’t give up though; my ambition will not allow it. Ever since my first journey with Walgrim, an idea has been planted in both my mind and my soul that I have been unable to pry loose. The academy will not be able to help me make that idea come to fruition, but it can serve as the foundation I can use to set off on the path I need to take in order to become truly one with magic, in order to become as the first practitioners of magic were in the Elder Days, in order to become not a mage … a Magi.

Walgrim: A Thief in The Night

Written over the course of 3 weeks in June, 13 years after the Reckoning

Today was the day of the Summer Solstice, which means the Midsummer festival is just a few weeks away. I’ve sent in me petitions for me pavilions. The majority of the festival will be set up outside the city walls between the North and East gates, but there will be plenty of booths and games along the two Main Streets and Crescent Square. I’ve got a petition for a booth for the shop, and for a couple of sets on the main pavilion stage. some friends and I wish to play some music, and I’d love to put on a good magic show for the children. But this isn’t why I’m writing. Something much more important happened today.

It all started when that woman walked into the shop

I was working on orders in the back when I heard the shop door open. When I came into the front there was a gorgeous woman with black hair and tawny skin standing at the counter, examining a few display items. She said her name was Callista Hadel and that she was a fan of me work. I seemed to recall having done some work for the Hadel family so I saw no reason to pry further. She spoke at length how she considered me an inspiration since I came to town, her coming from a family who thought her choice of career (painting) was a poor one, and wished for her to enter a more lucrative business. I could only sympathize too well with that. She said she wanted to thank me for the inspiration to do as she pleased, and with that began removing strings from her bodice. I quickly assured her such ‘thanks’ were flattering, but not necessary, and offered her to stick around and watch me work if she so pleased, which she quickly jumped at. I worked in the forge a good few hours, making a few replacements for tools I had sold earlier in the week. The girl seemed enthralled by the work, studying every facet of the place and asking question after difficult question; specifically me theories on Constructs and the repercussions they could have on the average working stiff. The secret trader in me thought quietly that it was a good thing I had placed all me special orders, including the three bars of Paragon Steel I had managed to synthesize, were placed away in me secret cupboard. When she asked if she could by chance see my research concerning Constructs, I attempted to balk at doing so. The plans aren’t ready and frankly could be dangerous to any over-eager person wishing to try their hand at such devices. It’s paranoid, I know, but when you’ve had as many devil dances as I’ve had you start to think in terms of safety for others. I asked her instead if she’d prefer to help me tend to the forge for a bit, which seemed to quell her curiosity. I say seemed, for as she picked up the coal shovel, I felt a splitting pain in the back of my head before blacking out. When I awoke several hours later the forge, the shop, and my house were in shambles. Me research notes, me tools, me alchemical supplies, and worst of all the fireworks were gone.

A fool though I knew I had been, I needed to rectify these grievous circumstances as quickly as possible. I had no need to get the supplies back, she hadn’t taken anything I couldn’t replace, including me research designs, but the danger they and the materials posed was something the authorities needed to be aware of. After attempting and failing to scry for the theif, I stumbled out of the shop and made me shaky way to the city guard compound. On the way I asked a nearby crow to take a message to Sylvani. The lad keeping watch at the front desk seemed unconcerned as he took down me information, which had me head not still been pounding would have led me to understand exactly what was going on. As it was however it wasn’t until I made me way back home and started repairing the damage to me home that I was made aware of how bad the situation was. Mrs. Lancaster, the wife of the local baker and me neighbor, walked past on her evening walk, and asked why I was replacing the lock on my door. When I told her what had happened, she showed concern and worry, saying that it was likely I would not see any support from the city guard thanks to the various close calls I’ve had over the course of the year, and the distrust of the city’s general population. I hadn’t realized my reputation had spread that poorly, but thinking on it, it suddenly made sense. I thanked Mrs. Lancaster for her dooming report, and went inside to wait for Sylvi and draft a letter to Valdis.

Sylvani arrived soon enough and patched me up while listening to my story. She immediately wanted to help, which I was heavily grateful for. We set out the next morning first to track the thief Callista, and then the guard compound again, to hopefully get a report filed. With Sylvani using her shapeshifting to trace the scent of the woman and I using me bardic chants to strengthen her senses, we followed the scent literally around town, going through almost every district until finally ending up at, of all places, the Unkempt Virgin; the local brothel. I disguised myself to see if I could earn a session with the thief, but the mistress in the front room claimed to not have a girl of Callista’s description. I had a feeling she was full of shit, but didn’t argue the matter, but rather left again for the station. We were fortunate to see officer Darr there at the station on watch. Darr’s usual beat is on my street and he therefore has a better report with me than apparently the other local guards do. He was quick to help where he could and promised to speak with his captain about the situation as soon as he could. He didn’t even seem to mind our slight vigilantism in searching for Callista. In the meantime all Sylvi and I could do was continue to search for that woman. The next day, Sylvi became distraught when her raven friend, Ekari, was snatched from the roof of the shop. When I attempted to skry for him, the attempt was blocked just as it had when I initially tried to find that thieving witch. We returned to the Unkempt Virgin, this time Sylvani became a cat and trounced around the place trying to spy the culprit, while I went with a sack of silver to weasel some more info out of the charming mistress. She proved useful as she told us the woman I wanted had left and headed up North Street. I waited for Sylvi to return and we made our way quickly up North Street. We’d walked no more than a few blocks when I felt a pang in my side, and saw there protruding from my chain shirt an arrow. Sylvi immediately took off after the shooter, who when I caught up proved to be Callista. We chased her down an alley, but she deftly climbed one of the walls, escaping the reach of Sylvani’s spells and my own arrows, and we lost her. After reporting the attempt on my life to a nearby guard, we returned home. I didn’t sleep very well, nor had I the previous night. I was too worried about why someone would want such dangerous materials. Surely they meant for some dastardly plot, wishing to lay blame on the eccentric old kook. I was imagining the worst, and it would all be my fault if these nightmares came to be. I only hoped that Valdis would get here soon. He’d know what to do about this whole mess.

My prayers were answered the next day. Valdis came to the shop early in the morning and by afternoon, there were two well-armed guards taking post outside the shop, and Valdis had managed to find Ekari and my stolen goods through skrying. As a result we headed towards the bluffs a few miles out of the city limits where Valdis had seen Ekari trapped in a bag. There we found Callista, and with a pounce from a Tiger-Sylvi, we had her pinned. However, she surprised all of us when she refused to break. Valdis could not read her mind, nor did any of mine or Sylvi’s threatening seem to affect her. As a way to buy time, Valdis knocked her out and we carried her into the woods. Valdis suggested we use the forest to our advantage, and create a scenario to undo the theif’s training. We strung her up, covered her feet in honey, and left her hanging just in reach of the bears we roused and led back to the clearing where Callista hung. When she awoke, she was rightly startled, and upon calling us crazy and demanding to be let go, she told us that she knew nothing. I insisted she stop her lies and tell me where she had hidden my materials. I grew so angry I fear I would have killed her had Valdis not intervened at that right moment. With more coaxing Valdis seemed to think she would break, and so we left her with him. I had nothing left to offer to the interrogation so I left with Sylvi. He arrived some hours later claiming that she had told the truth after all. She didn’t know where the stolen goods where or who hired her to steal them, and now it was too late and they were with their buyer.

We deduced the buyer from what we knew of the case. The culprit must have been local and known of me and my reputation and wished to see me ruined and likely run out of town, for the fireworks would have my signature all over them, and would also be able to afford the 3,000 dragons that Callista told us she had been paid. This meant only several people in the city: The richest trader in town, the captain of the guard, or the Mayor. Since I am likely the richest merchant at the current, it couldn’t be me, and the captain would not have easy access to that kind of gold without pinching from the city treasury, it could only be the Mayor. It made sense though I didn’t wish to believe it. I wanted to put the whole thing aside. I’d rather have my reputation ruined and run out of town again rather than disgrace the leader of the city that had flourished under his leadership. Valdis convinced me otherwise, and we set about a plan, to be enacted at the Midsummer festival when everyone would be able to witness the explosion that would doubtlessly come. I predicted the explosion would come from the north eastern wall, as that would cause massive damage to the city and the festival grounds, and would be a terrible blow to the city’s safety. We planned, we concocted, and we waited. Valdis had me wine and dine practically all of the city guard in order to build their confidence and allegiance in me. Before we knew it, the festival was upon us.

I performed as I had hoped, and was well received by the people, and was pleasantly surprised to hear Sylvani and Valdis compliment me music. As we left the pavilion we were met by a tall knight who claimed to be Valdis’s brother. Valdis had spoken of his family but not specific members and it surprised me to see a member of his family in Maidenpool. We chatted for a bit, he’s a kind fellow, and according to Valdis a paladin of Kira for what that’s worth, before he left to see other sites of the festival. As dusk settled around the horizon, it happened. The explosion was heard and soon purple and green smoke was rising from the exact opposite spot that I had predicted. The north wall was intact. The boom had come from the mayor’s mansion. The bastard had blown up his own house to get me out. I wasted no time in rushing in to save the historic structure before it burned to the ground. I used an acid neutralizer I had concocted in the weeks between, and saved the majority of the structure, though the innards of the grand house were beyond saving. Looking inside we found the remains of my research and tools; mostly charred but some still legible, and wasted no time in making our way back out into the courtyard, where a massive crowd had gathered to finger the man himself.

He tried of course to put the blame on me, but having run in to stop the fire, it was a moot case that I could have set off the explosion to begin with. Valdis reaching the ghost of the city guardsman who did set it off helped matters as well. No guardsmen moved to arrest me as I blatantly walked the crowd through the whole story; my shop being ransacked, the mayor’s connection to the searches, the lack of effort put into the search itself again perpetuated by the good mayor, and finally how my research had found its way into the man’s cellar. All the mayor could do was attempt talking over me. He should have known better than to try and beat out a bard pleasing a crowd. The mayor was arrested, and as a treat and surprise to all except Valdis, who I’m sure had read my mind long before, I brought out of the shop an entirely new series of fireworks for the end of the festival. The crowd went wild, as we had predicted they would, and the festival ended proper and well.

As we returned home, I thought about the past year. I had had more than my fair share of minor scrapes and bumps along the way, and was worrying that more of this more serious trouble might soon come, and perhaps it was best that I be moving on from Maidenpool and head a way where trouble couldn’t find me, or at least be slowed down by me chosen trail. However Valdis put it best. One year in the city with only one robbery and one attempt on my life was not a bad record, and the city had grown to love me more than hate me after all. I’ll be sticking around, at least for a little while.

Valdis: Full Disclosure

This entry was written at some point during the month of June during the thirteenth year of Arda after the Reckoning

These last few weeks have been very taxing on my spirit. Nevertheless, I am stronger from the experience and have walked away freer and in the company of two wonderful friends who I hope will be everything that I want and need.

After a long and exciting year in Deistrum, I took a few weeks to travel back to Maidenpool. The truth of my journey was to confront my past and to share it with Sylvani and Walgrim. With Walgrim working so closely to where I once lived and Sylvani starting to make hints about it in her letters, I felt that they needed to hear the story from me given that it’s not a fanciful tale. The closer I got to Maidenpool though the more my fear and reservations about the entire endeavor came to the forefront of my mind. What if they didn’t want to hear it? What if their entire perspective about me was changed for the worse? At the time I was concerned more with the prospect of losing these two individuals than having to come to terms with my past.

To make sure I didn’t completely lose it before the time came I walked through my past and prepared myself for what would come. Oddly enough seeing my home or the public square was what caused me the greatest pain; I’ve had almost a decade to accept that part of my life. The hardest place to go to was the Temple of Hennet that had tried to turn my tragedy into a profit-seeking opportunity. The wounds that they brought to me are still too close to begin healing yet. Hopefully someday I can accept that temple as one of many temples to Hennet, but for now I still am at a point where I see the Lord of Knowledge as a fickle deity encouraging his clergy to be the same. Eventually I walked down a block and was found by Walgrim outside the entrance to Desmond’s temple. To think, I almost didn’t take that meeting with Illyrio. I’m so thankful that I did.

Before I shared my story, the three of us had dinner. I continue to find myself absolutely intrigued and irritated with Walgrim and Sylvani. Perhaps this is just an innate caveat to friendship? I have to give credit to Sylvani; I’m probably not seeing her at her best given that she is out of her element. It still bothers me though that she socializes with prim and proper manners when her mind screams intrigue and interest in asking me about my past. Of course my struggle with Sylvani might be more due to my peering into her head than her lack of boldness. I hope for an opportunity to see her in her full element one of these days. I continue to envy Walgrim simply because of how joyful he is when I can only see the darkness that Arda has to offer. No matter what the situation, he seems to have a smile on his face and in his heart. It pisses me off to no end, yet secretly I know it’s the primary reason I have been so drawn to him; he is everything that I want from myself. I chose to tell him about the dream that led me to him. I can’t for the life of me remember his reaction, but I didn’t want our friendship to grow based on a shadow of the truth. While an odd beginning, I continue to thank the gods for leading me to Walgrim.

At one point in the mealtime conversations the Reckoning came up. Knowing that both Walgrim and Sylvani were alive during it, I had to ask what it was like to experience everything. Both spoke very positively about the Reckoning and what great impact it had on Arda. I know that everything they said held truth, and who am I to judge two people who lived through and can remember the event (I was too young to fully comprehend). However, for most of my conscious life I have only seen the darkness and when there is light, it is being used by the darkness for its own purposes. I told them as much. Looking back I hate the fact that I’m constantly so negative in comparison to them, but after everything I’ve been through and with what I continue to dream I am certain that something is using this lull in the world’s mind to plant seeds of evil. This doesn’t excuse me from allowing myself to be consumed by negativity.

Finally the moment arrived. I walked the both of them through the key events that have defined my life. Sylvani just stood and watched the entire time, taking in everything I said. Walgrim was stoic and solemn, occasionally piping in about how the community views the events. Neither of them were judgmental. I think more than anything they were shocked that I wanted to show this to them. I closed by telling them that I wanted them to see the whole me because I see them as my friends and any kind of relationship shouldn’t be founded on half-truths. I’m tired of fake and superficial business partners and no genuine friends in my life. Unfortunately in my previous work and being in Essembra, friends don’t just happen. They’re something that you have to try and establish yourself. Both Sylvani and Walgrim have accepted me for who I am and with the gods as my witness I will do whatever is needed to be a good friend to them.

I left after a few days of merriment and peace. As I returned home I felt free for the first time in my entire life. I’m free from all constraints, have a relatively comfortable amount of money to let me devote myself wholly to my magical studies, a father-figure who has helped support me for the last 4 years. Finally, I have friends, the beginning of my new family. Life is fantastic!

Walgrim & Sylvani: Places to Visit

Places to Visit (in no particular order, some places may or may not exist, therein lies the fun!):
- Nargathrond
- The Rosewood
- Unther
- Bloodspear
- Free Cities of Anrok
- The Jewel Cave of the Dragons
- Eldammar
- Valarum City
- Ruins of the Legion
- Highgarden
- Altrio
- Cormanthor
- Menros
- Mortraud
- Dreadfort

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Valdis: Book-Pushing

Yesterday I was walking home from the Academy, I chanced upon a young Wizard staring at a map in a very confused state. Remembering what it was like when I first came here, I guided him to the Divine Halls of Knowledge at Hennet’s former estate. As always I had to look inside the young man’s mind to see his story. He was a student at Draxx Academy in the Dales when he was kicked out. As usual I made it clear to him that I was a seer but oddly for such a prestigious student he seemed confused by my abilities. I let him stay the night, partly out of sympathy but sadly mostly out of fantasy.

As the night went on it was apparent to me that the young wizard lacked a sense of worldly affairs, more specifically he had little understanding of how his gifts could be used in service to the world. As Walgrim once said, he was a “book-pusher.” Thinking of that word I was reminder of a promise I made to Walgrim the previous summer regarding finding an assistant for him at his shop. I gave the boy 500 dragons to get himself to Maidenpool and a letter for Walgrim explaining that the person before him was a book-pusher and his new assistant. I threatened the young mage by telling him that I had enchanted the letter to know if he read it before it made its way to Walgrim and did my usual intimidation routine to new people. It was sad how gullible he was as I watched him react to my routine. May the gods see him safely to Walgrim. The fool will certainly be able to teach this guy about the world (or at the very least be able to get him to be more sociable).

Walgrim: Secrets and Swords

It has been a good year. Maidenpool has been very kind to a man down on his luck. I came here with 1,013 dragons to me name, and now today me vault is… well I have me own vault and that speaks for itself… the city treats me well, and I’ve done everything to return the favor from fixing plows to rebuilding the old clock tower in Crescent Square. The people are friendly enough, grateful to have another fine craftsman in their ranks, but otherwise weary of me… eccentricities you might call them. Me tinkering has had more than one good officer of the law come to call, but the charges never stick. All they have to show for any wrongdoing is Horace claiming the Lamb and Lion’s business has doubled since I came to town (a rumor that Horace lends credit to by never bothering to mark me tab). As a result, I’m kept much to meself, which has lent me time to further develop my craft. In recent months I’ve put aside barding altogether in order to focus on scrollwork. My methods have become such that many of the local wizards prefer my hand to theirs, and thus I’ve earned quite a report and me own working bank of interesting spells, which I intend to start putting to some good use in further projects, which I’ve also had good time to work on. I’ve been thinking more and more about items of special nature. The type of things one hears in the stories of old, and see slung on the hips of heroes, or catch glimpse of when a treasure hunter comes through town on business. Such things are beyond me ability now, but with luck I’ll fine tune me forge and me fingers to bring about me ideas.
I received an unexpected surprise this week. While working on a new batch of Alchemist’s Fire for a series of pyrotechnics for the upcoming Summer Festival, I was visited by my good friend and benefactor Valdis. No sooner did I hear the bell on the shop door tinkle than an extra drop of sulfur dropped into the cauldron, which wouldn’t be a problem normally, except I added extra glycerin and spark powder, attempting to go for a more fascinating display in the explosion. As a result the entire batch blew itself and me new cauldron to bits, producing a beautiful purple and green smoke that quickly filled the room and me lungs. As I came bursting out of the workshop into the storefront, I found Valdy standing in his usual smugness. Apparently he has some time off from school and took said time to come and view me humble establishment, and whether or not his investment has paid off. I was delighted to show him it had. I showed him the shop and my home above it, meager at this time; just the storefront and workshop downstairs, the forge out back, and kitchen, bedroom, and a couple spare rooms upstairs. I’ve been meaning to add a sitting room for occasions when company visits, but most often its only Sylvy that comes to call and she prefers the garden. But I seem to be off topic again.
Valdy asked about the year and I did in return. He’s been busy with his theurge-ing in Deistrun, but it seems the majority of his colleagues are nothing but jealous book-pushers with their noses both simultaneously in the air and in their tomes. They can’t see the potential at their fingertips. As I said to the lad when we first met, there’s a possibility for the re-discovery of what magic truly is, what it was to the First Ones in the time before-before the Reckoning, when even the old gods were still fledglings, and he’s being held back by fellows who don’t believe as he and I do. I said he needed to get out more, as do I. I’ve been putting away a lot since A: my barding keeps me fed and warm, and B: the bastard won’t let me pay him back the starter gold he gave me, and so I’ve been plannin’ a travel or two. I want to see the world and not just hear the stories; track down a benefactor or two who might be interested in my designs; maybe even make a few discoveries as the world has been rather quiet of late and discovery seems to have been put aside in favor of coping with the now after the Reckoning. I’ve put enough away to hire an assistant or two to take care of the shop, and I’ve asked Sylvi to come with but she says the time isn’t right yet. It’s always one excuse or the other, but I think she’s afraid to leave her little wood not for lack of courage, but for lack of understanding, though that hasn’t stopped her from helping me make a list of places to see. We discussed such missions until I suggested heading to the Lamb and Lion for a late supper. Valdy said he’d meet me after walking around a mite, to take in the old sights. I knew more or less where he was going. Maidenpool, among other things, has a dark blot to its history that I’ve discovered is inexorably connected to the lad. Those who know of the truth have either moved away or delight in not talking, but a year in the city has given me enough of the pieces to build the full story (or more correctly a warped version of the truth). The tales speak of a demon child who delighted in causing chaos in the town; burning, destroying, even killing. The names of the victims of this supposed demon are memorialized in marble outside the Church of Kira just off Crescent Square. The timeline fits Valdis’s childhood remembrances to a T, and there’s no doubt in me mind that the lad is the very same as the child in the stories. He’s never admitted it, but the lad can read minds well enough to know I know his past, or at least the distorted and hurt version of it. I knew he’d tell me when he was ready. I found him outside the Church of Desmond, which surprised me as I figured he’d be at the Church of Hennet, where I knew he’d been taken in as a boy. He spoke little of the past, but made reference to it as we walked to supper. I’d sent a local pigeon to the forest with a message for Sylvy to join us if she were willing in the meantime, and she joined us soon after.
Dinner was delicious, much better than Horace’s usual fair. I think he, like many of the patrons who saw me enter with Valdis that the lad was some kind of official sent to keep me in line. Having the woody but beautiful Sylvani there likely helped as well. She’s better known in the city than she thinks; her care of our neighbor forest and the local farms is a great service the people are grateful for, and those that recognize her pay her good respects, including Horace who I think has a soft spot for the she-elf. Over dinner we discussed the city’s thriving and the upcoming festival. With a good harvest and the city’s wealth increasing the council put through the idea of a new tradition, the Summer Solstice festival. This movement toward a more positive outlook is something I ascribe to and voted for in the town hall, but I fear it irked the lad slightly, as no doubt temptation to move from the darker parts of Maidenpool’s history was a factor in the city’s decision. This of course led Sylvy to attempt to question Valdis about his past. As we finished supping and took a walk through the city he told us the whole story. My knowledge was right, but flawed as I’d suspected. The storytellers of Maidenpool took none of the lad’s pain and fear into account, nor the people’s bias towards him in the wake of the Reckoning’s change of opinion towards the innately magical. The lad seems to worry about the effects of the Reckoning on the general populous. While there has been peace and growing prosperity over the past 14 years, he worries that there will be repercussions; people who would prey on the hope that has grown since the skies turned from red back to blue. I can only hope that his predictions are, for once, incorrect. We adjourned to the house for the night, both taking advantage of my hospitality per my request. They stayed for the next few days catching up and talking future plans. I showed them several of my plans and designs which they both thought interesting, Valdis in my weapon designs and Sylvi in something I’m working on for life-like constructs. Valdy said that he’d keep an eye out for me for benefactors and potential assistants. I suggested sending one of those book-pusher’s my way for a little busy-work, and I hope he knows I meant it at least a little semi-seriously.
Valdis also asked me to look into something for him. He wants me to make him a sword; a good sword. Something to replace the current piece that he carries, which while its craftsmanship is excellent, leaves something to be desired in terms of specialty, especially for one as gifted as my friend, a man who insists on becoming like the First Ones of magic on Arda. I began sketches immediately. I want it to represent his power, but also that inner light that he seems to hate to show. In that regard I’ve put aside my other work and begun research on a new alloy. Valdis’s description of what he wants has led me to an idea: a magical metal with properties inherent to the weapon forged. It would be a weapon beyond the work of masters, and beyond the simple charms so many adventurers seem so fond of. I’ve yet to figure out what exactly such a weapon would do, but experiments should prove fruitful. I’ll of course experiment with a few smaller pieces for myself before attempting the true order, but I’ll eventually get it right. I’m going to call it Paragon Steel.

Valdis: Reflecting on the Past and Planning for the Future

It has been near two years since I left my “home” and started my journey as a mystic theurge. I have learned a lot in that time, but I would be a complete fool if I didn’t say that I still have a long way to go. For some reason as I look to my future all I can think about is the past, specifically some of the people I met on a very interesting journey where I had to backtrack my journey forward.

The journey began at the Three Rocks Tavern. There I meet a Dwarf by the name of Walgrim Fagen-Heim. Through a series of slightly comedic and prophetic circumstances, I agreed to see Walgrim safely back to Maidenpool. It was a ten day journey of pretty much either listening to Walgrim talk, sing, and enjoy life or protecting the lovable oaf from being killed by raiders and wild beasts. At the time, I absolutely hated the man because he had (probably still has) everything that I have ever wanted from life. His entire worldview has centered around having fun with the cards life has dealt him, a feat I have been unsuccessful with in my own life as I have searched for meaning, purpose, and glory. By the end of the journey, and as time has gone on, I’ve come to view him as an annoying little brother that I love very much even though he may test my patience at a very frequent rate. By the end of our initial time together, I gave him 1000 crowns to start his new life. From what I’ve heard, he has started up an impressive craft shop that will hopefully still be standing when I’m able to return home. All I know is that those few days, while irritating, helped me to remember that I cannot take life completely seriously in my search to become the first Magi on Arda in ages.

Towards the end of that journey, Walgrim and I came into contact with a Druid name Sylvani Solaris. Unlike Walgrim, I felt like Sylvani and I were capable of holding a conversation more on par with my intellectual level. She was kind and humble, traits the world holds very dear yet will take advantage of at every possible opportunity. Thankfully she lives on the outskirts of Maidenpool in a nearby woods and cares for the land. However she hopes one day to maybe reach out and explore more of the world. I fear what would become of her should she become a part of the civilized worlds, but she has a good head on her shoulders and may be capable of withstanding such corruption. We’ve kept in communication over the last few years, and I have made a point of sending money to her mother’s orphanage every month. I get the feeling that she is holding back a major question she wants to ask about me, but until it comes up I’m not going to worry.

A few days ago I sat down with Master Illyrio. While I may not work for him any more, he is to this day the closest I’ve ever had to a father figure in my life and I enjoy seeing him whenever business brings him to Essembra. He told me that business has been going pretty steady but since I left the agents he had to hire to replace me have cost him a lot of crowns. I absolutely enjoy being appreciated but Illyrio knows that I wouldn’t even consider coming back until my schooling is done. That being said, Illyrio is less interested in finding someone to fill the jobs he needs but looking more for quality individuals who will be loyal and committed to him. They may hate me for it, but I told Illyrio about Walgrim and Sylvani and that the both were looking for work. Illyrio seemed intrigued and agreed to give them a chance. Now all I have to do is convince Walgrim and Sylvani to take the job.

Walgrim: The Start ofSomething New

Walgrim Fagan Heim’s the name and making shit is my game. You need something? Come to Walgrim’s in Maidenpool!

But enough of me advertizin’ meself. To make a long story short I was born on a cold blustery morning in mid February to a family of dwarven merchants in the Iron hills. It was a cold winter that year and me mum tells me that it was snowing only slightly-middle-torrential for the first time in weeks when I was born, and furthermore she’d say that… you know what? perhaps I’d best skip forward a wee bit…

I grew up in the Iron Hills and discovered early on that I had a talent for performance and craftsmanship like me father, but also a wee bit o’ magical talent as well. I’m a bard you see; singin’ dancin’ jokin’ and generally keepin’ people entertained. As I got older I didn’t seem to have much direction other than that, so when I made it to my 40th year and could finally get a hold of some money I sent away to the Bardic College in Moondale to apply for scholarship and admittance. they took me immediately and even sent me some course materials for my travel to the Dales. However, I neglected to tell my parents that I had sunk my inheritance into my tuition and their lack of understanding, and a general lack of appeal to the bardic lifestyle in general caused them to send to the college a letter legally retrieving my tuition and denouncing me as their son. Fortunately for me, I was in a bar when I received this news! There I met an extraordinary fellow by the name of Valdis Hydwen; a mysterious young lad who, despite his own journey toward university in Deistrun, insisted upon hearing my tale (or more correctly reading my mind, the cheeky bastard) on seeing me to the end of my own journey. So touched was I by his offer I didn’t have the heart to tell him I had no idea where I was going now. So we set off West. I’ve always like West. Its a good strong direction. Towards the setting sun so they say. but anyway, while traveling I learned from the young Hydwen that he was a sorcerer/favored soul. a rare combination in these times, and one that had given him a harsh lifestyle for most of his life. I may have spent my life in redicule, but at least nobody was throwing stones at me head or trying to exorcise me of me powers. The boy has had it rough, no doubts, but he’s seen the light in himself, that much I can tell. he’s already made something of himself with the church of Hennet, and seems to have direction in his life, which makes me wonder all the more why he’d follow me around for a few days, but I was happy for the company.

We came to an old forest. Being a man for adventure rather than safety, I proposed going through rather than around the blasted bit of wood, but Hydwen was against it. I convinced him after a short talk about what delicious creatures might live in the woods, and at the very least it would make for a better story than walkin’ around. We camped late in the middle of the woods and were there visted by a wee crow with blue eyes. I chatted with the little fellow, who seemed skiddish for some reason and insisted that we leave before bears came and got us in our sleep. Hydwen wished it to show us to its master but I didn’t see much point in that. Live and Let Live, I say, but the lad was persistent and used his magic to track down the bird’s keeper. we found her in a garden of wildflowers outside a tidy little hut. Her name was Sylvani and she told me she was the keeper of the forest. A lofty title, i think, for a lady playin’ around in the dirt, but if she does indeed keep the whole wood she does a fine job of it, at least if the birch I conferred with is to be trusted. Never Trust a Birch, I say. Anywho, the tall she-elf was kind enough to wander us to the edge of her forest to spy Maidenpool, a tiny city just a few miles from the border of the forest. We first made a stop at a local farming village where apparently good Valdis had to “take care of some business”. I didn’t pay much attention as there were quite a few children who recognized me for a trickster thanks to my motley, and insisted on a show. I love children. they’re so much easier to get along with than most big folk. Simply Simple, I say. After that slight detour, and another, more unfortunate encounter with some dire wolves which we made short work of thank in part to my brilliant application of dagger wielding and trickery, we made it out of the forest. Here I bid adieu to my new companions. Having dragged them far enough out of their comfort zones for my so-called “safety” I figured it was time to let them get back to their lives and start rebuilding me own. Maiden pool seems as good a place as any to begin work on some of the projects I have in mind, and a small town like this could surely use a decent craftsman like meself. Sylvani promised to stop by now and again, and the lad saw fit to give me some start up money; a whopping 1,000 dragons! I tried to refuse it, but he wouldn’t have any of it. I’ll certainly put it to good use. should be enough for a shop house at the very least. I’ll be sure to pay the bastard back too. The two of them parted ways, Hydwen east towards his university, and Slyvani back to her woods. I’ll be seeing them both shortly, if you’ll pardon the self-deprecating pun. I’ve got a 7th sense about these sort of things. but first to Maidenpool. Its been ages since I’ve had a place to ply my craft for those that need it!


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