From the Ashes: The Future of Arda

Sylvani: Unmapped

So much has happened; I don’t know where to start. I have so many thoughts on things, I—I only want to get them on parchment so I don’t forget. Perhaps it will help me organize them.

The Spirits are manifestations of nature, while the gods manifest aspects of mortality and occasionally nature as well. There’s no reason they can’t co-exist, when they are all aspects of creation itself.

(Maybe I’ll be branded a heretic for thinking that.)

(I hope not.)

I think mortals and maybe even nature alike have forgotten that there is no such thing as “unnatural”. Even undead, while no doubt harmful, are “natural”—they are made by mortals using magic that flows in all things. Being part of creation, that is all one needs to be “natural”.

All things are natural, it’s only whether they hurt or harm. Death itself is natural, but not all deaths are good or aid the balance of creation. The same might be said of birth, such as when a population grows too great.

I was able to raise the dead, before my time according to Kynthos. That’s why she couldn’t guide me. I slipped into the realms of the Spirits and guided each soul back to their body; they hadn’t strayed too far. I hope I will be able to continue doing this, when it’s needed. Perhaps I’ll even be able to stir the life back into the Bloodlands, and convince the spirits of the land there that fled to return and re-grow.



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