From the Ashes: The Future of Arda

Sylvani and Kynthos: Vivacity

I want to do what Valdis was able to do for Terrari.

Only the gods grant such spells.

I still want to try and learn… And I want to learn how to bring back the dead.

The Spirits may choose to grant you such a gift in time, to raise one freshly killed.

I want to be able to raise one who has died days ago… Or even truly resurrect them, if it’s been years.

What would you do with such an ability?


His death was not your fault.

Mother’s always told me that.

You won’t be able to bring back someone one who was never fully born.

I know. But—I want to be able help others live, at least, since I came into this world at the cost of another. And we’re all bound to aid creation itself, simply in return for living. I think this will help me do both.

How so?

If I could bring back the dead, those who threaten others with death wouldn’t have leverage. And if a provider of a family was killed, or other important mortal, I could help by resurrecting them. I could also return whole species that have been hunted to extinction back to life. Or even restore life to the land itself, if that’s possible…

That will give you weighty responsibilities.

…I know.

Why is it only now you want to try this?

I never thought to try and pursue new blessings, only cultivate the ones I had.

What changed?

I saw Valdis do what many considered impossible. And before that, I was tempted…

You considered taking what the lich-magi offered.

If he had not been a lich, I might have.

How will you pursue this goal?

I don’t know yet.

To what ends will you go to pursue it?

I won’t harm anyone that interferes, unless they directly threaten my life or my companions’ lives. And I won’t resort to anything impure.

And what of your faith?

I will remain a worshipper of the Spirits.

Why, if you might simply plead with Kira or D’vainor as one of their clergy?

The Spirits propagate and are in all aspects of all of creation, not only parts of it. The gods are not, even Elros. The Spirits are the totality of nature and creation, which I serve more than I would any god. But I will still respect and try to learn from the gods, even if I will not worship them.


Wh-what’s so funny? Why are you laughing?

You’ve grown quickly: from a timid, reclusive whelp to a pup laying plans that may offend the gods themselves in less than two years.

I don’t want to offend anyone. …I only want to heal and serve.

Perhaps you will, in time. First, fan your spark of ambition into a flame of passion.

I will.

I know.


While I really enjoy these dialogues that you create, you and I need to sit down and have a more in-depth conversation about the Spirits and everything that’s involved in worshiping them. Some leaps were made that I feel are based more on what you want to do than what I want for the world, which I take full responsibility for allowing due to my lack of commitment to building the Spirits. I’ll make efforts this week to better flesh them out.

Sylvani and Kynthos: Vivacity

Sounds good to me!

Sylvani and Kynthos: Vivacity

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