From the Ashes: The Future of Arda

Sylvani and Kynthos: Liminality

I was so angry. I haven’t been that angry since Sir—since Sir Blaise burned the Crownlands.

They threatened your friend.

My brother.

You’re learning quickly.

I felt bloodlust.

Would you deny the touch of Malar?

N-No, but—

All the Spirits have gifts in their own time, with their own use. Embrace them.

They called me a monster.

Do you believe it?


—you resent them.

They despise compassion.

The birch does not berate the yew.

But it will tell the yew when it’s sick.

Are they? You and yours were let free, and with gifts.

…I don’t understand what they call honor…

You still have much to learn.



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